System Support

Maintain Your Landscape With Our Automatic Watering System

The ReUse Water LLC automatic processing & watering system in Belen, New Mexico, can help you reduce your water consumption by recycling what you already bought. We can set it up on a Rain Bird® for even dispersion, ensuring that your irrigation saturates the soil evenly.

Installation Service

We have the experience and knowledge to turn your wastewater into irrigation water by installing our system. There are many variables to be considered with installation such as sizing of tanks, amount of landscape area,  soil types, & desired vegetation. We are here to guide you through the process. You may also choose to complete some of the landscape irrigation yourself. Feel free to lean on us for education, guidance, & training.

Free Demonstration & Customer Service

We also offer a free demonstration of your system, which is user-friendly & mostly automated. Our team uses a portable unit to demonstrate the way the system works. You can rely on us for support or come to us with questions before, during, & after the project. ReUse Water LLC offers flexible scheduling.

Water Math Calculations

Our team wants to ensure that you understand your new system. This is why we also give you a water math calculation of vegetation to be irrigated. We also look at the area that needs to be watered based on the production of your wastewater. The normal household uses 35 to 50 gallons per person per day. We also show you how to set up your Rain Bird® for regular water dispersion, or adjust water as needed.

Water Disposal When Zeroscaping

Many of our clients in the West have turned to zeroscaping, meaning no water is needed with their landscaping. Customers are opting for rock gardens instead of flower gardens leaving them without an effective way to dispose of water. ReUse Water LLC now offers a system that can dispose of water with ease.

Schedule an Assessment

Take advantage of our free assessment to determine if our filtering system is a good fit for you. Our team comes out to you to and suggests services that are tailored to meet your needs.



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