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Save Money By ReUsing Wastewater To Support Healthy Plant Growth

Improve bad soil conditions or adhere to groundwater guidelines set by your state with our system from ReUse Water LLC in Belen, New Mexico. We help you ReUse wastewater by running it through our system, which is designed to be compatible within the regulations for handling wastewater by homeowners & the general public. Everyone from custom home builders & REALTORS®, land developers, & property managers utilize our product for their sub divisions & properties. We also help co-ops as well.


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The Status Quo

What is currently in use is the gravity fed leach field system. This system utilizes gravity to send water to the lowest spot, where it contaminates our ground water with nitrates due to decomposition and natural occurring organisms in the septic systems. It’s not the septic tank that fails, it’s the leach field. What happens is that the waste doesn’t fully decompose & solids make their way into the leach field & eventually plug up the soils ability to absorb liquid. In addition to poorly performing tank allows nutrients such as phosphorus, nitrogen, & other phosphates to get into the ground & leach into ground water & potentially our drinking water. Water Quality guidelines require only 10 milligrams per liter of these nitrates allowed in safe drinking water. Leach fields also clog in time due to constant use.

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Cleaning Up Waste Water

The EPA classifies untreated wastewater as Class D water. We take the discharge wastewater from septic tank, prior to leach field. We process filter treat & disburse,  the water evenly across your land so no one place is saturated. Essentially, our system stops the need of the leach field system & brings the water back up to be cleaned. We then pump it through a pipe system to be used for irrigation purposes. It delivers water to the root zones of your grass, trees and shrubbery, using an irrigation controller. We help relax the leach field & dry it up during the growing months, when it often gets clogged from continuous use. However it remains in place, available for emergency & winter use.

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What You Need

You must be on a septic system to take advantage of our services. You may not have a use for our system if you are on a municipal system.

Rates & Pricing

ReUse Water LLC is just as budget minded as you are. We want our automatic watering system to be cost effective for you and to work for the environment, not against it. For example: a family of 4 uses approximately 1400 gallons of water per week, flowing into a septic to be wasted a nuisance water at a grass watering rate of 1/2 in applied weekly. 1400 gallons will water 4,516 sq ft of grass or 50′ x 90′ area of grass.


Septic tanks work quite well processing raw wastewater; most problems occur after the tank itself. What to do with the water is always the question, especially in bad soil condition or when limited ground space is available.

Gravity fed leach fields also known as drain fields, are the cause of most septic tank failure, & also contribute to ground water contamination of nitrogen. Most leach failures are caused particles in water & by filaments bacteria,  which are the least desirable bacteria in all treatment processes, as it is the largest in size & can live on very low food source nutrients.  Also, a gravity system puts all water & nutrients out at the same low place until that plugs & forces water to a new outlet.

The ReUse Water system, allows for elimination of the gravity leach field. This system actually raises the flow level, & collects the sewer effluent to be cleaned up with process & stored for use as irrigation water which is ReUse. This ReUse Water can now be distributed for landscape irrigation or to a pressure dosed field of grass.

ReUse Water System’s capabilities are as follows:
• Fully automated
• Does not have confined space entry
• Able to process zero to 20,000 gallons per 24hr day
• Very little operator attention required.
• Irrigation or ReUse of water, can be set to different variations of times & zones.

With a knowledgeable homeowner or competent landscaper, a vast area can be treated by ReUse Water.
We all know where there is water there is life & how valuable water is in the desert southwest.
This system provides a benefit for existing housing or new development.

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